Healing From Within

The spectacle of life weaves veils over our eyes,
Sedating us softly into the dream of reality.
The consciousness rests in dire oblivion
Busying itself with clocks and rocks, goals and roles.
Do you feel the tug to awaken, cast off the shadows,
Heal from within, vibrate with the Universe?
Then take a step forward, the journey home has begun.


My Soul Guidance session with Lav was very pleasurable. She used a combination of guidance from spirit and her own intuition to make the session helpful for me. She asked me what I wanted to focus on and led me through exercises to help me find the answers through my own intuition, providing her own input and advice when needed. After the session I felt a sense of peace surrounding me letting me know I was on the right track. Lav knows how to connect with people on a very personal level very quickly making her easy and fun to talk to.



Lav is a natural healer. I have been getting help from other healers for over two years and results are always very positive in the beginning but as they get to know me, the results get more uncertain. Lav has an ability to focus on the guided message and not let the personal relationship interfere. She mentioned things I was going thru that I was in denial about and her confirmation was the tipping point. She has an ability to connect with and trust her intuition which is positive and self assuring. I was at peace and relaxed after our session.


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