Day 52 of 365 ~ 13 Lessons from Harry Potter

My gift to you on this lovely Saturday!

– by yours truly

  1. When you find yourself living in a cupboard under the stairs, hang in there, things will get better. You might even get your own Owl.
  2. Just because you’re surrounded by Muggles doesn’t mean you have to become one. Listen to your inner voice, discover the magic inside you.
  3. Learn to ask for help. Count on Ron and Hermione. It takes a team to capture the Sorcerer’s stone.
  4. Pay attention, be alert, be ready to move quickly. That’s the only way to catch the Snitch.
  5. Love diversity. Experience things that belong to a different world. Harry would never have pet a dragon if not for Hagrid.
  6. When you see that barrier between platforms nine and ten, don’t be afraid to walk straight through it. That’s how you’ll get to platform nine and three quarters; the platform where you need to be.
  7. There are traps and trials at every turn. Be persistent. Winning the Triwizard Tournament is nothing, if not an adventure.
  8. Don’t let the competition intimidate you. Malfoy and his Slytherin buddies may be formidable but certainly not invincible.
  9. It’s OK to be afraid. You are more powerful than you think, more appreciated than you know.
  10. Be patient. Sometimes help comes from the most unlikely of people. Snape had Harry’s interest all along but you find that out only in the end.
  11. Respect your elders. “Professor Snape, Harry!” said Dumbledore time and again. Listen to your Dumbledores. They are far wiser than you can begin to imagine.
  12. Confront uncertainty and adversity, and in the process, discover who you really are.
  13. If you have an inflated sense of self, if you can’t stand the unconventional, can’t tolerate the unpredictable, if you’re terrified of the unknown, and have to be in control every second, then your name is Uncle Vernon.


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